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You are probably looking for Epi-no reviews because your gynecologist or obsectrician recommended that you purchase an Epi-no Delphine or Epi-no Delphine Plus in order to avoid vaginal tearing and the need for an episiotomy after labor.  Most women and mother’s to be looking to find out more about the Epi-no are concerned about whether the device will work and if it is worth the $200.

First of all you need to understand what an Epi-no is and why you should use it. Perineal massages by your partner before the birth can help prevent the need for an episiotomy; however,  a high percentage of women experiencing perineal injury during birth anyways.  Injury in the perineum  may lead to infection and tissue scars (sometimes related to pain during sexual intercourse). Even worse, later in life there is a possibility of bladder incontinence

The Epi-no is  a medical training device that is suited to better prepare your body for childbirth. It strengthens and stretches the muscles . By training with EPI-NO, the tissue is stretched not permanently (or even ‘worn out’), but for a planned date (the birth) simply more flexible, more elastic.

Here are some reviews:

Sheila: “As a result of the Epi No, I had the easiest birth experience ever. I have had no lasting pain, and it was the best investment along with Get Through Childbirth In One Piece!: How to Prevent Episiotomies and Tearing.”


Becca: “I spent 15 minutes a day with the Epi No and Earth Mama Angel Baby Earth Mama Bottom Balm, it allowed me to stretch all the necessary muscles I needed to birth my daughter.”

Susan: “It works. I had a tiny tear, no need for stitches, and my son was 1o pounds. Also, it really helps you to think about  the crowning and last few moments of delivery  as it helps to spread open wide”.

There are some reviews that do not advocate for purchasing this device:

Gina: “Absolute waste of money. I should have just bought Pelvexiser; for $50 since I would not have been upset if it didn’t work. I had awful tearing after using the Epi-no, and I am still suffering.”

Felicia: “I had a horrific birth experience, and I started using the Epi-no every day from the 22n’t week. Maybe it works for some people, but it didn’t work for me.

Ruth: “Using the Epi-no was like forcing myself to have a birth experience before it was necessary. Why bother spending months practicing having a baby when you can just get have the baby and get it over with.

What should you actually do? Certainly try Kegel exercises and other pelvic exercises. If you can afford $200 and you have a way of buying an Epi-no, then certainly buy it, but no that it may not be perfect. The Epi-no is not available for sale in the US because it is not FDA approved. The Epi-no can be purchased on Ebay or you can call some of the Epi-no distributors in Canada and see if they have any ways of shipping one to you in the US.


Hotel Suppliers

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I know this is quite unlikely, but if you are also in need of  Hotel Supplies you can seek out  Hotel Supply.  I was so pleased to find, they have it all from Toilet paper to beds to sheets for the beds. Getting a hold of all of your  George Hotels Supplies Online is so much cheaper and such a time saver then going to so many different specialty hotels stores or even making the really dumb mistake of buying this kind of stuff from Amazonal. If you are also in the market for hotel supplies and amenities, check out PeachSuite.

If you just purchased a new hotel  like me when a I needed to find all my supplies like towels, shampoo soaps, clocks, toilet paper, and even cleaning supplies. Luckily I found out about PeachSuite which is the best of the Hotel Bar supplies around.  They have everything I could possibly need for my new hotel. Why wouldn’t you want to shop online?  This is like an Amazon or an Overstock.com just for hotels. Imagine the convenience of smiling boxes showing up at your door, but instead of home supplies they are there to stock your hotel business. Every time, i see a box being delivered to my hotel chain, I am so happy that I found PeachSuite to supply me..

Jungian Therapy

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If you suffer from a mental illness problems you could use the free treatment provided to you by your own unconscious mind in your own dreams. Dream therapy as advocated by any jungian therapist is a guaranteed method of brain development, which is based on the elimination of all the  insantity you have inherited. The dream messages  your mind is sending help you get rid of all mental illnesses problems as you transform your wild conscience (anti-conscience) into a positive part of your human conscience.

Carl Jung says that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin that can be trusted. You must take your dreams very seriously.

For example, if you have a dream in which you are traveling by plane, this means that you are following a known route in your life. You will have the same results to you problems or issues as you always have had (insanity is repeating  the same mistakes twice). You are unfotunately imitating the behavior of those who never find different solutions for their problems.

Seeing a  dream symbol in a dream will get you to understand that you are narrow-minded. Your selfish ego doesn’t let you admit your mistakes, but you must recognize that your behavior is absurd.  Jungian analysis will help you to discover the truth, break free.

Home Improvement

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I thought owning a home would be just like renting an apartment but with less responsibility – less people to answer to and not having to remember to write that rent check each month. Boy was I wrong! The first month I was here my AC went out and I had to buy a new one –that was a fun surprise I wasn’t expecting. Now I’m all about things like installing artificial grass and getting a free lawnmower from a friend and spending the weekend tiling a backsplash …I’m basically a different person than I was when things started because I had no idea what I was in for. I love being a homeowner, I really do, but if I had it to do all over again I may have waited a while to take on this kind of resonsiblity. Having a house is actually a lot like what I imagine having a child is like and that’s not fun – I’m in no way shape or form ready to have a little baby running around here! Who would have known that I needed to become an expert in landscape lighting installation, but I am a better person having learned these tough lessons about home ownership.  I am excited to be on this adventure and recommend it for everyone.



Green in the Home

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We hear from multitudes of residential energy efficiency pros around the country that fall and winter are particularly challenging times for their green home performance businesses.   When temperatures cool off, home and house owners tend to start thinking more about skiing and snowboarding and less about efficiency  Obviously, this low timing is not ideal for your business, because winter  is, a great time for greening the home.   So, how do you make your business thrive during the winter and holiday seasons?


Here are a couple ideas:

Talk to thought leaders

What better way to spread the good word of your home energy audit franchise t han by connecting with local important folks in your community? Chruches, Temples, colleges and universities, and other PTA’s are a great, low-cost way to connect with important people of your community.  You can sell new business and find other ways to promote your business.

Build a Website:

Remember  that when people have a problem like leaking air or mold in the home, one of the first things they typically do is hit Bing, Google or another search engine. If you want your website for contractors to show up, be sure to include meta tags targeting all the things the users are searching.  If air ducts or green homes are the issue make sure to include these words in your meta tags. This is how search engines will find you and if search engines fine you they will lead their users to you. The Internet has lots of opportunities for you, so seize them!

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