Fantasy Football

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My husband loves fantasy football. He was really glad when he found out we could get wild blue in Joshua Tree, and he immediately got our satellite internet set up after he found that out. Every Sunday he spends the whole day on the internet, checking his fantasy football scores. I always give him a hard time about how much time he spends on fantasy football, but I actually think it is great how close he and his high school friends have stayed over the years. He still keeps in touch with the same group of seven guys that he went to high school with. Even in their mid-thirties, the guys get together every year for holiday parties and the fantasy football draft. All of the wives actually hate fantasy football and even made shirts that say “wives against fantasy football” on the front and “fantasy widow” on the back. I actually am glad that my husband has a hobby that he enjoys. I recently decided that I need to take up a hobby that I enjoy as much as he enjoys fantasy football. Maybe I will start taking a sewing class with a friend. However, I doubt it will take up as much time as fantasy football.

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